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Twin Dragon Sports Bar
Issaquah Eagles* 4th Sunday *Members Only
Empire Pizza
J&M Cafe & Cardroom
Wild Hare Bar & Grill
Horseshoe Saloon
Palmer's East
Dub Pub

Grand Peking

Palmer's East
Halftime Sports Bar
Red Dog Saloon
13th Ave Pub & Eatery
Herfy's Restaurant
Blue Goose Tavern
Hy Iu Hee Hee
The Village Lounge
Grand Peking

J&M Cafe & Card Room
McCloud's Grill House

Redmond Eagles
The Siren Tavern
Redmond Eagles Members Only
Vern's Poker Palace By Invitation
Siren Tavern

Lighthouse Saloon
Vern's Poker Palace By Invitation
Issaquah Eagles* 2nd Saturday *Members Only

7 days a week


Sept 2014
James Van Eaton



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WA State GPF Poker Championship Sunday - November 23rd
McCloud's Grill House - Bremerton
Grand Prize - Trip to Las Vegas & Buy-in to a $1,000,000 Tournament at the World Series of Poker
(Winter 2015 Championship will be at J&M Cafe on Feb 15th)

Why don't players receive additional chips for alcohol purchases?  To do so is a violation of Washington State Liquor Control Board regulations.  To do so would put our venue's liquor licenses in jeaopardy.  Regardless of player's desires, it is the job of Global Poker Federation to be aware of the law and ensure that the establishments that provide free poker are not in violation of the law.  Ignorance of the law is no defense.

GPF Tournament of Champions
September Results
1st - James Van Eaton
2nd - Joan Turchin
3rd - Chuck Conley
4th - Kevin Perkins
5th - Paul Tilton
6th - Roa Cuauhtli Chico
7th - Richard Coffin
8th - Donald Bly
9th - Mike Torre
James Van Eaton TOC.jpg
WA State GPF Poker Championship

Gary Ralstin 1st Place WA State GPF Poker Championship
Summer 2014 Results
1st Place - Gary Ralstin
2nd Place - Deborah Petri
3rd Place - Kevin Perkins
4th Place - Donald Bly
5th Place - Eddie Oberti
6th Place - Marla Parkhurst
7th Place - Dave Estralla
8th Place - Arlene Ritzhaupt
J&M Cafe & Cardroom - 201 1st Ave So, Seattle
Grand Prize - $1000 Seat at the WSOP + $500


 State Championship Qualifications
Requirements & Point Structure

Regularl League Poker
Point Schedule

    1st Place -  20pts
    2nd Place - 16pts
    3rd Place - 14pts
    4th Place - 12pts
    5th Place - 10pts
    6th Place -   8pts
    7th Place -   6pts
    8th Place -   4pts

We no longer award points for
participation or perfect

Monthly Leader Board
  1st Place
  2nd Place
  3rd Place
  4th Place
  5th Place
  6th Place
  7th Place
  8th Place
9th Place
10th Place
11th Place
12th Place
13th Place
`14th Place
15th Place
16th Place
17th Place
18th Place
19th Place
20th Place
Etc. thru 50
60 GPF pts
59 GPF pts
58 GPF pts
57 GPF Pts
56 GPF pts
55 GPF pts

54 GPF pts
53 GPF pts
52 GPF pts
51 GPF pts
50 GPF pts
49 GPF pts
48 GPF pts
47 GPF pts
46 GPF pts
45 GPF pts
44 GPF pts
43 GPF pts
42 GPF pts
41 GPF pts
State Championship
Qualification Requirements

Win a seat at a GPF Amateur Poker Championship in in your local area by accumulating 20 GPF points. Players that accummulate more than 20 pts will be awarded chips in accordance with the following schedule.  Points accumulate for six months prior to each championship.  Beginning with the November 2014 Tourney points will accumulate for 4 months prior to the event.  IE:  For November, points from July, August, September and October will be used.

 8       Starting Chips
  20 GPF Points = Seat and 10K in chips
  60 GPF Points = Seat & 15K in chips
100 GPF Points = Seat & 20K in chips
  50 GPF Points = 5K rebuy
(unlimited rebuys through 6th blind level, you must bust out to re-buy)
  100 GPF Points = 10k
add-on at the end of the 6th blind level3

Beginning at 9AM the day of the GPF State Championship, eight person single table satellite tournaments will be conducted.  The last satellite will start no later than 11AM. Satellite tournaments will be started as soon as eight players are seated. Starting chip count will be 1000 with 10 minute blind levels. As many tournaments as can be started within the alotted time will be conducted.
1st Place    20 GPF pts
2nd Place   10 GPF pts

GPF-NLOP Online Prizes
$100,000* in Cash & Prizes  are awarded monthly by NLOP
*Total amount of cash and prizes available thru NLOP may change without notice.

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Past Champions

Summer 2014
Gary Ralstin

Spring 2014
Yuriy Yarmolinskiy

Winter 2014
Kurt Steputis

Fall 2013
Scott Luxich

Summer 2013
Martin Berndt

Spring 2013
Roger S. Coale

Winter 2013
Donald Bly

Fall 2012
Ron Toomey

Summer 2012
Jeffe  Welch

Spring 2012
Kurt Steputis

Winter 2012
Brett Verner

Fall 2011
Scott Claflin

Summer 2011
Paula McCord

Spring 2011
Evonne Bess

Fall 2010
Evonne Bess

Spring 2010
Terry Smith

Fall 2009
Donald Bly

Spring 2009
Cathy Williams

Fall 2008
Jim Appelgate

Spring 2008
Mary Anne Richey

Winter 2007
Rebecca Mayse

Fall 2007
Chad Hanson

Summer 2007
Ronald Schnacker

Spring 2007
Michael Moore

Winter 2006
Paul Smith

Fall 2006
Correy Gnirk

Summer 2006
Curtis Burkhart

Spring 2006
Bob Ledbetter

Winter 2005
Richard Dean