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 Untitled-2.jpgBPO logo 1.jpgWeekly Online Qualifiers to the
Bar Poker
Open National Champions
Weekly 1st Place = Airfare/Hotel/Buy-in to the BPO National Championship
54 Vegas Packages Awarded Annually
$2000+ TOC, Semi-Pro & Quarterly Championships

GPF Players are never more than 2 wins away from a MILLION $$ + Prize Pool

Poker Schedule
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Address & Start Times

*Bar Poker Open Qualifiers
*Twin Dragon Sports Bar
*Gonzo's Bar & Grill
The Hideaway Grill
Renton Eagles **
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests

The Lost Dutchman
Wild Hare Bar & Grill
Blue Goose Tavern
Horseshoe Saloon
Renton VFW**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
Gig Harbor Eagles***
***$20 Buy-in Members & Guests
Renton Eagles **
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
*Gonzo's Bar & Grill
*KickingPig Bar & Grill
*Grand Peking
*Red Dog - Port Orchard
*Red Dog - Maple Valley
Renton Eagles **
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests

*Grand Peking
Hy Iu Hee Hee
Sporty's Beef & Brew

Renton VFW**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
*Pub 85
*Golden Mum
Lighthouse Saloon
The Siren Tavern
Renton Eagles**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests

Renton VFW**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
*KickingPig Bar & Grill
The Siren Tavern
Redmond Eagles***
***$25 Buy-in Members & Guests
Renton Eagles**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
Renton VFW**

**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
*Jeepers Country Bar
Blue Goose Tavern
Lighthouse Saloon
KickingPig Bar & Grill***
**$20 Buy-in, 1 Re-buy

Renton Eagles**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests
Redmond VFW**
**$10 Buy-in Members & Guests

Past TOC Winners

September 2016
Keith Martinez

June 2016
Julie Freer

March 2016
Jason Compton

December 2015
Scott Owens

September 2015
Darrin Johnson

June 2015
Kurt Steputis

March 2015
Mike Torre

September 2014
James Van Eaton

Past Semi-Pro Winners

October 2016
Joan Turchin

May 2016
Travis Perman


November Venue Champions win a seat at the 2017 BPO National Championship in Vegas.  Top 20 point earners for the quarter at each participating venue qualify.  Venue Champions at non-participating venues receive invitations to the 2017 BPO Championship. Venue Championships are held the first week of each new quarter. 1st week of November.


Each quarter GPF players with at least 20 points qualify for the Quarterly State Championship. Grand Prize is a seat at Poker's World Series plus Airfare and Hotel.  This is a bracelet event and total prize money is guaranteed to exceed $1,000,000.... That's a MILLION $$+

Fall Quarterly State Championship
November 20th - Renton VFW Post 1263 - 416 Burnett Ave S.
Satellites begin at 9AM - Main Event around 1PM
Grand Prize = Airfare/Hotel and Seat at a bracelet event


Players with a 1st place win in the six months prior to the championship qualify.  It's all about bragging rights and CASH... Next TOC is December 10th at the KickingPig Bar & Grill in Lynnwood.  Pre-registration is required.  Seating limited.

September TOC Results
Keith Martinez - 1st Place -$640
Cheryl Miller - 2nd Place - $440
Gary Ralstin - 3rd Place - $290
Tyson Flath - 4th Place - $170
Travis Perman - 5th Place - $130
Steve Griffis - 6th Place - $100
Julie Kelly - 7th Place - $85
Storm Diamond - 8th Place - $60

Semi-Pro 496.jpg




 Past Champions

 Summer 2016
Tyson Flath

Spring 2016
Yuriy Yarmolinskiy

Winter 2016
Craig Johnson

 Fall 2015
Steve Griffis

Summer 2015
Allen Lundborg

Spring 2015
John Long

Winter 2015
Alessandro Faria

Fall 2014
Donald Bly

Summer 2014
Gary Ralstin

Spring 2014
Yuriy Yarmolinskiy

Winter 2014
Kurt Steputis

Fall 2013
Scott Luxich

Spring 2013
Roger S. Coale

Winter 2013
Donald Bly

Fall 2012
Ron Toomey

Summer 2012
Jeff Welch

Spring 2012
Kurt Steputis

Winter 2012
Brett Verner

Fall 2011
Scott Claflin

Summer 2011
Paula McCord

Spring 2011
Evonne Bess

Fall 2010
Evonne Bess

Spring 2010
Terry Smith

Fall 2009
Donald Bly

Spring 2009
Cathy Williams

Fall 2008

Spring 2008
Mary Anne Richey

Winter 2007
Rebecca Mayse

Fall 2007
Chad Hanson

Summer 2007
Ronald Schnacker

Spring 2007
Michael Moore

Winter 2006
Paul Smith

Fall 2006
Correy Gnirk

Summer 2006
Curtis Burkhart

Spring 2006
Bob Ledbetter

Winter 2005
Richard Dean