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American Tavern Poker - Virginia


Private EventsAmerican Tavern Entertainment is designed for league members to learn, practice and play in a social entertainment atmosphere at local bars. What better than to do but to get together at a fun place, play some cards with friends and make new ones, risk no money, pay no fees, learn, practice and play poker. Its FREE!


Joining a Poker Night at your favorite local bar is all about having a good time. And it's as easy as 1... 2... 3!


 Find your nearest venue.
 Meet your ATPL TD, and sign-in.
Grab a beer and some grub-and have a great time!!


Bar OwnersTurn your slowest night into your most profitable

American Tavern Entertainment has operated thousands of events and has developed a formula for success that works time and again.

American Tavern Entertainment's goal is to boost your profits and your bottom line by:

  1. Lengthening the stay and increasing the dollars spent by your existing clients.
  2. Attracting new customers during otherwise slower nights of the week.
  3. Have those new customers become “Regulars” who think of your place the next time they go out.



Call us at 865-978-1218 , Send an e-mail to SALES, or JOIN TODAY! to turn a new page for your bar or restaurant!



Updated 06/2011

The purpose of American Tavern Poker is to provide valued-added entertainment for Texas Holdem enthusiasts in an atmosphere where there is NO-CASH/NO-FEES/NO-BUYIN wagering of any kind. FREE poker means no entry fee of ANY kind! Establishments may NOT require minimum drinks, etc to participate.

American Tavern Entertainment, LLC follows Global Poker Federation Rules of Poker by default unless specified in the rules HERE


Membership is open to all players of all skill levels subject to our member rules:

Membership Guidelines:

  • Membership in American Tavern Poker is FREE. You can sign up online or at one of our venues during a game night.  Simply ask the Host how to sign up.
  •  Members agree to abide by all rules laid out on this page.  Members understand that violation of any of these rules may lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the ATP.
  • Members understand that from time to time the rules of the ATP may be amended, and are therefore advised to check this page regularly for any changes.
  • Membership is open to players aged 18 or older, no one under 18 will be allowed to join or play in any games or events.
  • There is NO GAMBLING allowed at any time.  Any person found gambling will be expelled from the league and banned from playing in any future games or events.  This is a Tennessee State law, and therefore we have zero tolerance for gambling.
  • Management of the ATP reserve all rights regarding membership.  ATP management may elect to temporarily or permanently suspend membership to the ATP for any reason at their sole discretion.

Member Conduct:

  • At all times please be polite and courteous to other players and dealers.
  • The American Tavern Poker is designed to allow members to play in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Behavior that disrupts the game or spoils the experience for other players will not be tolerated.  Examples of unacceptable behavior include excessive profanity, drunk or obnoxious behavior, verbal or physical abuse or harassment of other players or dealers.  Disruptive or discourteous players will be subject to disciplinary actions which may include temporary or permanent expulsion from the game at the discretion of ATP management.  A dealer may disqualify a player from a game for unacceptable conduct, in which case the player will not be permitted further involvement in that game and their score will be recorded as a 10th place finish, regardless of chip position or number of players left.
  • During each hand of a game the dealer will prompt you when it is your turn to act.  Players should not act out of turn or reveal information about their cards until the hand is over.
  • If you are new to the game it is suggested that you inform the dealer prior to the game.  The dealer will be happy to explain your options to you when it is your turn. The best advice for new players is to watch what is going on, wait until the dealer indicates that it is your turn and if you have any questions ask the dealer.  The dealer will inform you of what actions are available to you, such as fold, raise, call, bet etc.  The dealer will not be able to give you information about strategy or specific advice about your hand.
  • Drinking is permitted at the table, please keep drinks in a holder or on a place mat.  Players spilling drinks on the table may be required to pay for damage they cause to the table or equipment.
  • Food may be consumed at the table, but please do not place food items on the table.  While eating do not disrupt the flow of the game.  Keep in mind that getting food residue on the cards or chips can cause considerable disruption to the game, please be considerate and sensible.
  • Smoking is not permitted at the table.  If you wish to smoke please step away from the table.  Be considerate of other players and the dealer.
  • Phone calls are not allowed, if you need to make or receive a call step away from the table.
  • If you need to step away from the table for any reason, your hand will be folded and blinds will be posted for you.  Do not expect other players to wait while you visit the restroom or use a cell phone.


DRAMA! At the end of the day American Tavern Poker tournaments is just a FREE game; a bit of fun and light entertainment. Please keep this in mind when playing ATP league games. Drama and confrontation between players or with ATP host spoils the game for everyone. Play nice, and have FUN. Be respectful of other players and staff.


 Tournament Director Opportunities

American Tavern Poker is constantly growing and always looking for new Poker Tournament Directors to join our team. If you're interested in hosting live Poker Events in your area, please email us. Live Poker experience is preferred but not required.


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