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Player Profile
Player: (9003691) James Kelby
League: Global Poker Federation ()
League Rank: 5
GPF Points November: 760
NLOP Screenname: backoff75
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November Point Breakdown
DateVenueSessionPoint typePoints
10/26/2018The Siren Tavern7:00PM6th Place8
10/24/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM4th Place12
10/22/2018The Lost Dutchman Sports Bar7:00PM1st Place20
10/21/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM5th Place10
10/18/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM2nd Place16
10/13/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM1st Place20
10/7/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM3rd Place14
10/6/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM7th Place6
10/3/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM8th Place4
10/1/2018The Lost Dutchman Sports Bar7:00PM2nd Place16
9/30/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM8th Place4
9/26/2018Babalouies Sports Bar7:00PM4th Place12
9/23/2018Ad Hoc12:00PM6th Place8
9/23/2018Ad Hoc12:00PM6th Place8
9/23/2018Ad Hoc12:00PM6th Place8
9/16/2018Pub 856:00PM3rd Place14
9/15/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM4th Place12
9/3/2018The Lost Dutchman Sports Bar7:00PM7th Place6
9/1/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM7th Place6
8/25/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM1st Place20
8/23/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM1st Place20
8/5/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM6th Place8
8/1/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM1st Place20
7/25/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM2nd Place16
7/21/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM6th Place8
7/20/2018The Siren Tavern7:00PM7th Place6
7/17/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley7:00PM4th Place12
7/12/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM1st Place20
7/5/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM2nd Place16
7/1/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM2nd Place16
6/30/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM4th Place12
6/28/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM2nd Place16
6/26/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley7:00PM4th Place12
6/25/2018The Lost Dutchman Sports Bar7:00PM1st Place20
6/23/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM1st Place20
6/17/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM5th Place10
6/16/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM4th Place12
6/14/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM1st Place20
6/13/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM1st Place20
6/10/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM1st Place20
6/10/2018Pub 856:00PM1st Place20
6/7/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM2nd Place16
6/4/2018The Lost Dutchman Sports Bar7:00PM2nd Place16
6/1/2018The Siren Tavern7:00PM5th Place10
5/30/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM1st Place20
5/29/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley7:00PM6th Place8
5/27/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley1:00PM7th Place6
5/26/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM2nd Place16
5/25/2018The Siren Tavern7:00PM7th Place6
5/24/2018Bourbon Jacks7:00PM6th Place8
5/21/2018The Lost Dutchman Sports Bar7:00PM1st Place20
5/19/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM6th Place8
5/17/2018Bourbon Jacks7:00PM1st Place20
5/16/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits7:00PM3rd Place14
5/15/2018Red Dog Saloon Maple Valley7:00PM6th Place8
5/12/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM8th Place4
5/5/2018Stocktons Restaurant and Spirits1:00PM4th Place12
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