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National Point Standings May - October
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Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
19002043Matt Reece71558MReeceAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
25843Mike Loeffler680014NUTZ4MEWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
39002715Roger Coale67009coalemanNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
42Donald Bly651210DonaldBlyWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
59003537Tony Rusi57536marsbeyondNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
69002481Bethany Fields566710bfields_55American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
7900Unknown-Did Not Sign 51803WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
89002912Rick Suss46475299gtsNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
99235Mike Torre46206mtfirestormNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
109003361jeff epperson46074jeppersonAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
112178Evonne Bess44205EvonneWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
129003464Tara Vahalik43004Tar-TarNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
139003693Will Mace42314DRAGUNNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
149003458Mark Skar41533BizCoachNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
159002981Jason Reece40404American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
169005307Jason Jones37405Sh0tgunAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
172150Harley Pendleton36972harleypNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
189003401Paul DeHass36807prd004No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
199002500Arlene Ritzhaupt36074MissywacesNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
209002853Ralson Kutz35804KifferkooterNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
219003691James Kelby34205backoff75No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
229003416William Eads33201Billy62No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
239005677Jim Stewart32204American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
249005470Brandy 31207No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
259005742Steve Lowery31003American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
269005594Anthony Kibby30938HumanTaxiNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
279003060Paul Mendivel30605LilPaulNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
289006020Dean Cerri29403dcerri2American Tavern Poker - Virginia
299003113scott archer28616scottarcherAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
309004440Madeline Kelby28403No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
315051Richard McClellan28204No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
329000760Kevin Osborn28005cmentguyNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
339002745Leland Olney27604xtrecateNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
349003765Allen Lundborg26806sweetalNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
359004948James Van Eaton26606hymieNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
369002007sean oleary26403BlindSenseiNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
379004249Pat Van Horn26315redphoneguyNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
389005306Nikki Bradford26001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
399005724Rich Coffin24402rsc49No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
409005317Brittany Skyberg24201bskybergAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
419004070Joan Turchin23112teacher4youNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
429006022Earl Stanton22402American Tavern Poker - Virginia
439005409Lewis Leach22202American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
449003593Teresa Lakey21822teresa1234No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
459003786Tom Wilson21601No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
469005325Kevin Perkins21002kepNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
479003002Marty Berndt20801mbknight2011No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
489005678Sally Ogle20400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
499002535Luke Nolan20203lukesNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
509002471Al Buss20002latuiabayWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
512173Austin Miller19863KeyCenter1WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
529004171Dean Crawford19370DrApplesauceNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
529002763Yana Merriam19331yanaNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
549005432David Casey18804DonkeyKong1American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
547806Paula Thorsby18803PAULA THORSBYNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
569004955Lena Bartrum18601No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
579003666Yuriy Yarmolinskiy18541preferanceNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
589002850Mary Nelson18260mojokittyNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
599005295Adam Kleeman18021A1SauceNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
599001413Mike Denton18022SkimmerNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
599003114whitney white18001poptart31American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
629003040Chris King17804sobewanNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
629004348Wayne Dietz17800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
644200Bob Morehouse17402kitsap40No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
659005292lynn obrien17201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
659002936Brett Zylinsky17221ziggy21No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
679002025Clint Griffin17000KnoxpunxAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
687205Donna Dilger16803No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
699004701Joe Nekrasz16601No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
709003954William Parkins16444FEARNO1No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
709005511Scott Smith16402No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
709005330Jimmy Long16400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
739004298Ron Toomey16004No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
739005236Kelly England16002TinyTitan80American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
759005264Jessica Reller15801JessicaNRellerAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
769002943Helen Mendivel15600NWMICHFANNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
769004933Beth Haren15601American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
769005743Lynn Rechkemmer15601American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
799002439john bryant15402bigjohn1961American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
809003692Diana Mace15200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
809003865Amanda Jorgensen15204Chips ahoy No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
809003112Ted Shelton15200toxicslothAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
839005385Matt Bess14800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
839002937Theresa Sturgeon14801wildcat45No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
859182Viola Pratt14602No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
869005117Mark Boehm14401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
879006021Ralph Denton14203American Tavern Poker - Virginia
879002404Roa Rodriguez14202No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
879003661Kevin Taylor14201KT3dNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
909005517Matt Tate14001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
909005717Brandon Bean14002No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
927043Pat Mcdermott13971SambaNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
939006017Nicole Denton13802American Tavern Poker - Virginia
939001344Chad Tuson13803chadtusonNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
959005671Pat Reed13600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
969003117Paul Smith13401PaulSmithAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
969005278Patrick Smith13401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
969004457Holly Boden13401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
991Bernadette Bly13072BernadetteWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1009002046Tom Walker12971B1gF1shAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
1019001281Jerry Tuson12803No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1029000974Jamie Kirby12403No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1029003088Dick Maurice12402No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1029003096Dan Lakey12400dan_gerousNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1029004952Tori Jacobson12401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1069005834Tony Brady12202American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1069005764Bryon Maggard12203American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1069002609Zach Buckingham12202z_buckinghamNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1069001210Debbie Tuson12201debtNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1069004974Ramyn Pezeschzi12201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1069003828jared blankenship12201zngracelandAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1129003866Brenna Pope12001BrennaNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1129005606Corey White12005American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1149005984Kitaya Brady11602BluffingMonkWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1159003482Brett Verner11403invernoNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
115600Illegible Signature11402WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1159006041Phillip Meredith11400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
1159002467Justin Kasa11401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1152933Mary Anne Richey11400TheQueenWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1159004270Lyla Rector11400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
1219003919Richard Brown11201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1219004671Tom Hindman11201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1219004115Jason Tipton11202American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1219003853Gilbento Neto11201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1259006026Jessica Midgett11000American Tavern Poker - Virginia
1259005748Jenny Haines11000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1279003015Ahsan Siddiqi10603No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1279005785Paul Wampler10601paul5562American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1279005679Ron Reed10602American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1309002049Lance Tone10200TonerNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1309005670Chuck Baker10201American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1309006024George Reel10201American Tavern Poker - Virginia
1302483Terry Stredwick10200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1309004073Robert Burns10250chipmoverNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1359005304Nathan Crowder10002American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1359005035Landon Shafer10002No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1379002654Jonathan Hannon9802No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1379005733Cyndie Southern9801CyndieNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1379004299Stacy Toomey 9800STACYLOVESHOLDEMNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1409005752Laura Williams9602American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
1409002859Zach Givens9600Mk2miniNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1429003390michael mcmillin9401American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1429102Lori Smith9402_sparkles_No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1422083Rory Kinyon9401WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1459002393Shawn Berens9200ShawnBerensNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1459003431Kenny Kion9201karaokekingNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1459002945Simon Jacob9201YellowsamuelNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1459005902DebOrah Petri9223OrahWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1459003817Bryce Fritze9200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1459002944Larysa Jacob9200dynomitegurlNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1519005343Chris Rogers9004American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1529005725Luiz Moreira8601No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1539005231Chris Helton8401American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1539005402Shana Wilson8401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1539002341Esther Worden8402EstherWordenNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1569003423Paul Loots8260CadmanWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1569005565Marla Parkhurst8201SheHawkNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1589000899Tammy Steinmetz8001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1589002534Gregg Owens8000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
158235David Parker8070mtfirestormTXNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
1589005055Dan Brinkman8070YellowdogGHWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1629003532Aaron Nielson7910infinity24WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1639004441Alex Tajbakhsh7400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1639005959Michael Bate7402No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1639002421Steve Griffeth7440SkeederEaterTNAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1639005760Ken Long7401American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1679003388Tony Fuller7370FULLER92No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1689003290Thane Mittelstaedt7202No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1689005399Scott Luxich7201My_Pot_SuckaNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1689002552jon tilson7202RHBillyAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1719005308Jackie Lynn7002American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1719004997Milinda Baldwin7000Sunlight6No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1719006029lloyd howard7000American Tavern Poker - Virginia
1719005982Bob Andres7001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1759004027Coli Volchok6801colicookieNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1759003899Lynette Warner6800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1779005481Jim Beattie6602gerronimoNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1779005971Eric Olson6601No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1799006028katie newell6401American Tavern Poker - Virginia
1799003926Jonathan Ehren6402No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
1799006060Pat Corum6401American Tavern Poker - Virginia
1799005369Richard Street6401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1799006008Dave Estrella6402FUBU2KNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1795774Anthony Loeffler6401spadeaceWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1799005577Christina Perry6400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1799001209Monte Livengood6401popper1No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1792480Dennis Sexton6402dennissWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1889002385Steve Howard6201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1889003588Alessandro Faria6201AlexfariaNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1889003510matthew ellison6201American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1919005747Renee Hines6000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1919003143nalin carney6001nalincarneyAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1917241Bart Baril6001gr8trlvhsno1No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1919006030evelyn williams6001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
1919005562Ben Angel6001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1919004947Jeff Conn6001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1919003125Agnieszka Charzynska6001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1919004105Kurt Steputis6000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1999180Ron Eccles5800lime37rockNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1992698Mark Tiffany5800WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
1999002502Michael Lazzaretti5870LazzmanNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
1999003182chris lauderdale5800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
1999005227Devin Pressley5800DpressleyAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2049005564Marla Parkhurst5602No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2049002331Chris Southwell5600SirSouthNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2049003288Andrew George5600NuclrhlostNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2049006004Silas Quine5602No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2049005891Kevin Pogue5600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2049005996James Duffy5602No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2049002354David Nugent5601dropitNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2119005999Mark Rebel5400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2117210Brett Rutherford5450mightyhunterNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2119002817Allen Buchanan5430Pat_McGroyneAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2144115Casey Baugh5340BoogieFootWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2159004938Dave Almond5201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2159003162Donna Combs5201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2157249Luke Ortiz5201midnight tokerNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2159005623Chris White5200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2159002366joshua paul5201joshua paulAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2159004949Bee Wilkerson5200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
2152157Curtis Burkart5200ALL IN 36WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2159005445Mike Roberts5200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2238500Cheryl Miller5170trafletWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249003031Dustin Manthei5001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249002607Scott Owens5021TheScorpioNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249005708James Patterson5001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249005942Sriram Surlyamurthy5002No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249004674Andrew Laidlaw5001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249003328Darren Hughes5000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249004251Chris London5000pencilrainNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2249002335Misael Avila5001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2329002710Paul Wiggins4910TigerdenNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2339002490robbie griffin4801American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2339005965Derek Whittaker4800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2339003667Emery Hammond4800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2369003070Shelley Harrison4600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2369003579John Lee4600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2369002874Tom Hopkins4601American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2362453Peter Toth4600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2369005563Paul Vanderlinden4600GoHAWKSNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
2412798Michael McGuire4560seattlemikeWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2429005967Joe Bowman4400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2429005248Justin Brown4401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2429004654Carol Jacobson4400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2454068Drake Waters4340PhoenixDrakeNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2469005373Andrew King4200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2469006082Ned Canada4200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2469005557Kerry Brooks4200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2469005954Tom Anderson4200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2469003645Justin Hollister4200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2469000789shad hardman4201shadhardmanNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2469005065jason zuraff4200upsjayjayNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2469006056Michael Joyner4201American Tavern Poker - Virginia
2469003338Kate Berndt4200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2469005451Philip Wicke4200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2469001723James Stone4200StoneMustangWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2579002405Jeff Clements4002No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2579001214Scott Livengood4000livey39No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2576623Sue Supplee4000IslandfoxNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2579002962ray panzera4002American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
2579006085Gordon McSpadden4000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2579006039Jeff Johnson4000American Tavern Poker - Virginia
2579005457Abraham Bangkal4000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2579004533Nicneven 4000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2579002448john tate4000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2579003100Sue Nelson4000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2679003168craig hutto3800CowboysUpAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2679005426David Harris3801hammfistWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2679004623Judy Almond3800RiverRatJuieWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2679001218Robert Coultas3800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2679184Scott Stevenson3860kodiakkid1No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2679002401Stephen Thomas3800shwillyNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2739006128 curly3601American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2739005490Zach Robinson3600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2739003111ashton graves3600RedJeans542American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2739002178Oz Kirk3600Oz816American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2739005681Peter Corallo3601American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2789004290Nathan Kingsbury3451PathlordNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2789005769 Russo3400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2789003337Terry Carpenter3400Kings in my bloodNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
2789004590Jill Comsa3400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2789005539Adrien Yaconetti3400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2789000263Gary Wyatt3460Burger_BossNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2849002482Steve Pirro3320pirrospAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2859005672Brian Wilcox3200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2859004925Chad Dearing3200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2859006100 carlisle3200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2859002692Brian O'Neill3200thegonadsNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2859003105Adam Coale3200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2859002403Bruce Ekle3200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2859005380Amber Robinson3201American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2859005396Darrin Fennel3200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2859004616Ken Eagleman3201No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2859003057George Rogers3200rogers_gNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2959005309Bryan Extine3120xman73American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2969005753Mike Williams3001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2969004411Michael Ames3000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2969005363Diane Ross3000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
2969005616Jeramy Crosier3000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
2969005379Chris Reece3000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
3019002823marty livingston2800Marty LivingstonAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3019002320Jacob Tone2800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3019004378John Cook2800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3019004037Katie Chrenko2800KatieCAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3019005990Jeff Torre2800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3019004857Tari Hunnicutt2800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3016861James Bess2800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3019005955Cassie Snyder2800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3019006094Deb Foster2801American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3019006074Chad Hughes2801No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3119006121warren heiser2600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3119003847brett summitt2600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3119005765Dan Forrest-Bank2600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3119003115joshua cole2601joshcolioAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3119005707Vanessa Warren2600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3119005028Buzz Miller2600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3179002901Nathan Fuelling2510nastyn8dagr8No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189003880Mike King2400Mike KingNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189003244alex joyner2401the_jaguarAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3189005835Karen Petracelli2400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
3189005311Richard Trudeau2400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189003855Edmilson Brito2400edmilson britoNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189005690Elisabeth De Amaral2400ESTAR3No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189006044Jeremy Willowbrook2400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189002717Josh Jongema2400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189006124sheri harman2400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3189006065Mark Boyce2401WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189004715David Thornber2400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189005777Jon Boozer2401No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3189004095Jerrimi Moore2400jerrimimoore34American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3189003486Moneca Jardey2400mjardeyNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3329005911Justin Kinsey2200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3329005555Jason Gaul2200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3322713Bud Leacy2200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3322304Paula McCord2200GHBTCHNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3329005763Camino Hamilton2200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3329003780Marcio Bicacho2200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3329006066Jared Strzelec2200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3329004131Terri Saltis2200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3402650Jason Campbell21210No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
3419002128Jeff Petree2000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419005830Ed Overton2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419003254dustin thompson2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419004632Patrick Perkins2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419002573Jason Tate2000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006114Tim Ferris2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419006051Mike Macdonald2001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3419005270Kyle Pate2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419004014Trent Smith2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419002004sean oleary2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419006040George Reel2001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3419006090Don Morris2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419005579Rich Finken2000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006059John Corprew2001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3419006013Cindy Southworth2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3412446Mike May2001chiefwantumWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419005537Andy Sailer2000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006025Phillip Nenidess2001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3419006037Mike Robichaux2001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3419005039Jeanne Blair2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
3419005723Dan Havens2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419004962Dennis Busch2000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006091Mike Lee2000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419004577Brent Jacobson2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419005873Chris Cunningham2001ccunninghamAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419005516Gabriel Osborne2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419006108David Fergal2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419005674Brian Cupp2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419003405Drayton Harrison2000pxpepNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419005513Paul Noyes2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006111Albert Robinson2001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3419006102Julie Kelly2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006070Chris Hearn2001American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3419005993Wade Peterson2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419153Nyle Wilsey2000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419005746Mike Hazelwood2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3414943Richard Manthei2001richman000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006063David Gentry2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419006015Branden Harrison2001No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419002485Jerry Satterfield2001American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
3419155Gordon McLeod2001AllInBlufferNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419003124Kenneth Trudeau2000ktrudeauNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3419002374lisa tolman2000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3419003788Jake Nevegold2001fishNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3859000576John Ray1970lockstockNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3869006054Tabirha Gardino1800American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3869006107Daisy Mace1800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3869005968Max Swan1800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3869002852Christie Stone1800HevnlyTrezrNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3869006101Steve Wiebe1800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3919003085Wanda Sweeney1710handymancanNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929003902Jon Gilligan1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
392739Josh Hodgdon1600joshakNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929006018Kris Krangle1600American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3929006127jason lovely1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929006003Rich Lonzak1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929003068Tim Hopkins1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929005992Hugh Sauer1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929002414Robert Miller1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929004772Ted Scheschy1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
3929006071Mike Stelzer1600American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3929006069Ben Hogg1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929006122M.A. Huggins1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929003455Joe Dockery1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929003784Rainiaro Recente1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929004591Jerry Saunders1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929005998Jamie Hatho1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929003457Julie Freer1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929006106Neil Turner1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929006023Mike Robichaux1600American Tavern Poker - Virginia
3929002759James Satterfield1600jsatterfieldAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929005554Rich Hall1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929005712JoAnn Green1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929005831Orland Woodard1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929004368Adam Cook1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929004513Karl Schmitz1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929004269Keith Martinez1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929006016Chris Harrison1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929005783Frank McBride1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929006033channa mcdonald1600American Tavern Poker - Virginia
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
3929005591Mel Holgerson1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929005952Chris Hale1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929005047Tina Cain1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929003864Gino Navarro1600jaz dancerNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929006000Grant Olson1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929006077Aldan Hudson1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929002527James Moore1600hawkeyes70No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929004971Beth Mitchell1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929005705Jamie Pippin1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929004957Brad Gast161019bamafan77TNAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929005519Jim Frank1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929006087Jeremy Fowler1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929005697Ron Watkins1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
3929141Ollie Moore1600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929002749Gerry Allgeier1600GATORMANNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
3929005858Tyler Dumke1600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379002460Rich Garcia1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379005778Katherine Kutz1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379006098Steve Hester1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379004177Jeffery Lewis1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
4379005912Eva Wilson1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379004211Sarah Clark1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379006019Bob Kacinko1400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
4379006048Michael Barte1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379006120alli howard1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379005673Kris Kile1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379005750Mike Haley1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379005110Robert Willis1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379005953Kevin Sprouse1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379005656Kelly Corallo1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379006093Michael Dumas1400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
4379002321Kelly Poor1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379006031shelby brooks1400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
4379006045Steve leuster1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379005561Ken Haynes1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379006117Debbie Lockrum1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379006052Stan Edmands1400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
4379005414Abraham ??1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379005489Darcy Johnson1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379005739Shannon Loye1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
4379005832Ashley Sawyer1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379006084 Bocklacy1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4372739Chris Bacon1400DeuceFiveWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379003039sarah grissom1400SarahKJAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379006086Ashley Moore1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379006038Cindy Riz1400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
4379006118david goins1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379002280melissa styles1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4379005574Alec Mashek1400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4379006112Christina Penrod1400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
4379005859Daniel Bomyaars1400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4729002171Anthony Jones1330tonosoloxWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739005745Eric Jackson1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739002326Catherine Swartz1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739002243Rusty Sloan1200Bigfoot83American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739005969Nilo Londonio1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739001745Mike Young1200salttinecrackerNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4737801Melissa Kitterman1200SmileyJoWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739006009Nicky deReuck1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739006055Brian Park1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
4739002644Austin Olney1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739005913Elizabeth McManaway1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739005915Scott Rosenbaum1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739003438Philen Alexander1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739003922Steve Heath1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739003127Dan Barnett1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739006012Jay Gray1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739006119wade slate1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739002253scott styles12001luckysuckerAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739005719Mohan Musky1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4734446Jim Williams1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739005344Cole Geren1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739004828Jessie Heaton1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739005829Syconda Joiner1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739003597brett summitt1200American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4739003918Pat Blakely1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4739005970Colin Chadduck1200No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4989947Harvey O Stowe1140z4hosWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005973Erick Lee1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005246Travis Cash1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
4999005848Lane Adams1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999005627Dan Stacey1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999006105Tim Arnot1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999002762Danielle Basting10009002762No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4994487Kohl Dano1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999004920challenger degoma1000cdegomaTNAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999003400Mike Wilson1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999006067Pete Wallander1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999003172caty carney1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999003335Brett Jolly1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005700Randall Smith1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999006081Keith Pomoeroy1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999002090jessica rogg1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005558Dennis Winsor1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005917Morgan Hardy1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999006109Melody Set1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005433Kitty Garrett1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999003165allen odham1000grandma's kissesTNAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999006079James ONeill1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999006002Danny Davis1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
4999004613Ron Brown1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999001470Ryan Clarke1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4997648Curt Harvey1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999003433Randy Miles1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999006092Bobby Jewell1000American Tavern Poker - Virginia
4999004040Sam Edwards1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4992687Anna Fassnacht1000buttherflyNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999006123 wayne1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4996967Sally Devlin1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005736Rondell Honcoop1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005372Kevin McCallen1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999005755Ricky Campbell1000American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
4999005374Allan Humm1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
4999004652Jonathan F1000No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5359001473Glen Sprague930FreedomhuntNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369005779Tomara Westfall800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369002338Jose Moya800jose moyaNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006047Cork Kyle800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369005751Sharon Chumley800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5369006027Marvin Perry800American Tavern Poker - Virginia
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
5364418Don Buesen800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006132Tommy Belyea800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5369002386Jared Clements800Clem4321No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369005659Sarah Curtis800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5369006032aimie grable800American Tavern Poker - Virginia
5369002324Fadi Fakhouri800FadsterNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006126shawn haley800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5369006103Mark Haeckel800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006073Doug Maltbie800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369002300Jason Wiles800Wiley32American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5369005989John Spilinger800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369005991Andy Vickery800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006034tony moul800American Tavern Poker - Virginia
5369005972John Dolan800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006113Alan Barrett800American Tavern Poker - Virginia
5369006050Kacey Quibilan800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369005256Gergne Jones800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5363047Adam Walker800 No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006080Marcin ?800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369003923Damein Howell800American Tavern Poker - Virginia
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
5369003894Josh hodgdor800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369005741Brian Wilcox800American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5369006053Leakena Moul800American Tavern Poker - Virginia
5369005960Shane Wolfe800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5369006099Chris Fy800No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669006007Christina Schureickert600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669003409Matt Healy600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669002779Nathan Podsakoff600buttpirateNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005244Brandon Douglas600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669005668Kevin Ferrantello600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669005956Tony Glaspie600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669004603Robin Haslock600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005762Terence Ferrell600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669006035leakeana mag600American Tavern Poker - Virginia
5669005669Brett Loy 600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669006130camino upton600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669005964Kim Chapman600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669006011Thomas Brown600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005784Alison Walters600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669005566Michael Wade600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
5669004439Carl Nordli600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669006061Max Meckley600American Tavern Poker - Virginia
5669005916Chris Hill600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669004107Dan Miller600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5662104Sheldon Fancher600WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5662354A J Arnold600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669006104Grant Arnot600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669006010Tim Goodman600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669006089Ray Sortor600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005342Jason Brannon600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669003364randy russell600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669003698Brad Bogart600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005914Thomas McManaway600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5662023Bryan Duncan600WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669002624Shelly Pirro600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669006115Stephen Rea600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669006095Christina Oldham600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
5669005597Sam Black600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005995Paul Franklin-Bihary600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005124Bob Ehrlichman600No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
5669005051Sam Hovey600sams itNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
5669005315Levi Wilson600American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039006125lesa haley400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039004438Becky Nordli400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039006072Tanisha English400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
6039006110Barry Hollinger400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039006078Aaron Cardwell400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039006001Barry Claggett400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039115Max Shawn400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039006057Samanthe Stark400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
6039006088Doug Abner400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039005761Bob Brundail400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039005957Farrell Adams400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039004145Mike Sandwick400TheRedMenaceNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039005974Heather Farr400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039003851Steve Mock400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039005744Luke Abner400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6038306Paul Coppes400ThenutsNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039006129paul scheid400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039006049John Russell400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
Rank Player# Name Total
Played Won GPF-NLOP
Screen Name
State League
6039005958Autumn Thurman400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039006042Amir Safayni400American Tavern Poker - Virginia
6039006131rick james400American Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039002030Corey Segur4003fingersegurAmerican Tavern Poker - Tennessee
6039006116Nic Rivero400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6039002538Stephen Hannon400No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6276218Melanie Rasmussen330dandy4melWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6279001350Blair Benjamin330xlglbglNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6299001057Scott Claflin220Icehole69No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6299004350Rick Giberson220swinginwangNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6299005496Austin Searles220kimbaajsWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6292118shad hardman220shadfishWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6299000100Jinny Mitchell220jinjin52WVNo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6349004075Nancy Payseno110mtrainier123No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6349000067John Hayward110Poiboy67WANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6349004306Brian Baston110onlymoney70No Fee Texas Hold 'Em
6349005499Brian Morrow110BeeboWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
634100004Barbara Burzynski110unibarbWANo Fee Texas Hold 'Em
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